What pest problems are you having?

General Pest Control Services

Bed Bugs
Bird Mites
– Bird Proofing (for Pest Birds)
Black Ants
Carpet Beetles / Moths
Cockroaches & Silverfish
Funnel Ants
German Cockroaches
Green Ants
Mosquitoes / Midges / Flies
Rats & Mice

Termite Services

Pest & Building Inspections
Termite Inspections (Timber Pest Inspections)
– Spot Treatment (Eradication) of Live Termites
Termite Barriers
Pre-Construction Termite Protection
– Borer Treatments

Sandgate Pest Control are a Brisbane based, family owned Pest Control business that have been established since 1968.  Our team of experienced technicians are experienced in all pest control services.  Call 3269 6198 to receive a non-obligation free quote for your pest control service.  Our office team will be able to answer any question that you may have.

If you have a residential, commercial or industrial property or you are having a problem with a pest that is not listed above call our office on 3269 6198 and we will develop a treatment to meet your specific needs and solve your problem.