CIA-47Our Body Corporate Pest Control service currently provide pest control services to a range of different body corporate unit/townhouse complexes in Brisbane.  Depending on the needs of each complex we are able to carry out works to the common areas, individual units or the complex as a whole.

As per the Body Corporate and Community Management Maintenance Information Sheet*, Pest Control is usually carried out as follows:

 “The body corporate is generally responsible for any pest inspection, prevention and treatment work carried out on common property.  A lot owner is individually responsible for any pest inspection and treatment carried out within their lot.

The body corporate may offer, as a service to lot owners, to arrange pest inspections and treatments of the individual lots at the same time as the common property is inspected (Standard Module section 169).  The service only applies to those owners who, by agreement, take up the offer and the cost of providing the service is recovered individually from those owners and is not part of any body corporate levies”


What Sandgate Pest Control can offer Body Corporate Managers

  • A free quote for any works they would like completed.
  • If the Body Corporate Manager (and committee) choose to proceed with our quoted works we are able to complete the work at the most convenient time.
  • If the Body Corporate has organised for works to be completed to the internal areas of individual properties, we are able to help with arranging access.

Special Offer to Unit / Townhouse Owners

If we are servicing the Common Areas of a complex we are also able to offer all Unit/Townhouse Owners a special discount if they would like their individual property treated or inspected at the same time.

This usually results in a substantial discount because we are able to offer a bulk discount to the complex – giving all owners a great opportunity to get a professional treatment at a discounted price!

We are experienced in servicing body corporate complexes and are happy to meet any representative on site to discuss our recommendations.


*The Information sheet was obtained from the following website: