Camilleri Reticulation Piping – A Better Solution for Termite Control

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If you have had problems with termites you would be aware that the best way to treat them is by installing a termite barrier which involves drilling holes through concrete around the perimeter of your home.

However, there is another way.

What is the Camilleri System?

The Camilleri Underslab Injection System is a unique, long-lasting termite protection system that allows the periodic injection of termiticide under and/or around your home’€™s concrete slab without the need to drill into the slab. This is done through the installation of a reticulated pipe prior to the pouring of the concrete slab. Essentially the piping sits beneath the concrete, within the soil, so when the area needs to be re-treated with termiticide it is a simple matter of re-pumping the pipe.

Why Is the Camilleri System Better?

The reality is that no matter what system or method is used for termite protection of your home prior to construction, regular surveillance and maintenance is absolutely necessary to detect future infestation.

If, and when, termite infestation occurs, you will need to revert back to chemical barriers for control. This means drilling the slab. Unless you have the Camilleri System installed prior to slab laying.

With the cost of installation only a third of the cost of future drilling, you have every reason to use the Camilleri System.

Only the Camilleri system, installed prior to construction, can prevent the destructive drilling of the slab at a future date.

Subterranean termites, or white ants as they are more commonly known, are responsible for causing over $100m worth of structural damage to homes throughout Australia each and every year. Building our homes on a concrete floor actually invites termites to make a meal of our newly-constructed homes.

When impregnating termiticide into the soil where a house is to be constructed, chemical residues adhere to the soil. For termites, the chemical granule is simply another granule of soil. Termites (because they are subterranean) travel underground, constructing mud tunnels which they use to travel to and from their nest, carrying the subject matter they happen to be attacking“ your house.

When termites reach a chemically treated area such as under a dwelling, they begin to use the treated soil to line and construct additions to their tunnels. Unbeknown to them, they are actually signing their own death warrant as the chemical residue that they introduce themselves into their own tunnels begins killing all termites that comes in contact with it.

As subterranean termites are a communal insect, when there is danger up ahead, the following troops do a hasty retreat. There is no other termite control method on the market today that has this same effect on these destructive pests, and if you don’t KILL a termite, it will surely find its way in and begin eating you out of house and home.

The only method on the market today that will actually KILL a termite is chemical application. Putting it simply, dead termites can’€™t eat, but, while they are still alive, they will eventually find their way in to begin destroying your most asset, the family home.

Termites are so persistent that they will find their way through or around just about anything physical.


Pictured on the right is Sandgate Pest Control’€™s managing director Luke Howarth.

Luke is shown next to the injector box of the Camilleri Underslab reticulation system which is a pipe system which can be installed under all new concrete paths, driveways or slabs for new buildings.

This system eliminates the requirement to ever drill holes through a slab again. The system can simply be topped up with termiticides every eights years.

This system saves our clients money as we don’€™t have to drill through concrete and it also looks very professional.

So if you are installing any new concrete around your home contact Sandgate Pest Control and we can work in with your concretor to ensure this system is installed prior to the concrete being poured. Thus protecting your home from termites.

For more information, please visit or telephone 07 3269 6198.