Black House ants are a major pest in Brisbane homes.  It is very common to find these ants swarming across walls, benches or fences.  The ants often move nest sites when disturbed, or with a change in food supply. This can make control and removal of ants difficult. They may leave for short periods only to return when a new food source is located, and they can re-colonise from nearby nests very quickly.

Appearance and Location of Black Ants

The black house ant is 2-3 mm in size and as the name suggests they are black in colour.

Black Ant Nests are typically around buildings and in wall voids near kitchens. With numbers in the thousands their constant presence is often a huge annoyance for a home owner.

ants in a cup_web

To effectively control ants, any nests need to be found and treated.  Nests can be in locations as obscure as:

– Within food packaging in the pantry
– Boxes stored in cupboards
– Inside tap fittings
– Beneath tiles – both on the floor and wall
– Electrical switches
– Ornaments
– Pot plants or internal gardens
– Video cassettes or record collections
– Window frame hollows, especially tubular fly screen frames etc….

How to reduce the Black Ant Infestation in your Home

You can help reduce a black ant infestation in your home by:

– Ensuring food is not left out on kitchen counters, etc.
– Cleaning up food spills immediately
– Removing unconsumed pet food
– Making sure tree branches and plants do not come into contact with the house (the ants use these as a bridge to enter your home)
– Cleaning out gutters of leaf build-up
– Sealing cracks and crevices

What is involved in an Ant Treatment?

A professional ant treatment can successfully rid your home of these pesky critters, however patience is often required.

A Sandgate Pest Control Black Ant treatment involves spraying the external perimeter of your home.  This creates a barrier to stop ants coming inside.  A Sandgate Pest Control technician will identify and treat all nests, as well as treating all live ants found at the time of the treatment.

Here at Sandgate Pest Control we use a variety of products to ensure our treatment is successful.  Unfortunately not all of your ants will disappear immediately.  The products used do not kill all of the ants on contact.  Rather, it infects them, allows the ants to return to their nest, and pass on the active ingredient to all other ants.  This transfer effect can take up to two weeks.

If you are still having a problem after the treatment contact our office within your Free Service Period (warranty period) to organise for a technician to return and re-treat free of charge.

Please note: if you are experiencing a bad black ant problem, one treatment is often not enough to successfully eradicate all ants.  It is recommended that you discuss your situation with our office team member at the time of booking as it may be recommended that you proceed with initial and follow up treatments.