Funnel AntsWhat are Funnel Ants?

Funnel Ants in Brisbane have become a major problem in recent years.  Funnel Ants are distinctive through the  mounds they create to clear their nest out after it rains. Yards are often littered with hundreds of these mounds. The funnel ant nest system can be extensive, and in severe situations their presence can severely affect soil structure, making it fragile and prone to collapse.

Approximately 5mm in length they are yellow/brown in colour. Each colony has one or more queen and king.  The queen lays eggs which hatch into larvae. These eventually develop into pupae and then finally develop into workers.  Funnel Ants are no€™t aggressive, however they will defend their nest when disturbed.

Funnel Ants are rarely seen on the surface of the ground and this is because most of their food is obtained from the roots of plants. The funnel shaped hole leading into their nest can also trap insects which is another food source for the ants.

funnel ant nest

What is involved in a Funnel Ant Treatment?

When completing a treatment for funnel ants, a Sandgate Pest Control technician will ensure that each individual nest is treated.  Your Sandgate Pest Control will assess the site and choose the product they believe will be most effective, however most lawns are treated either with a spray or with granules.

A professional treatment is far more effective than one completed by a home owner. This is because the product used is of a professional grade and not available over the counter. Although it is an effective treatment, a follow up treatment may be required in the following year, or later within the year. The necessity of the follow up treatment will depend on the severity of the situation, and whether your neighbours also have a bad problem.

Through our experience we have found that home remedies are not successful when treating funnel ants.  Our clients have tried a variety of methods to no success.  Because funnel ants cause destruction to your lawn we strongly recommend that you proceed with a treatment sooner rather than later.