What are Green Ants?

Green Ants are one of the most abundant and widespread of Australian insects. Their metallic colour can vary from a green-blue to a green-purple sheen.  Green Ants are able to quickly colonise areas where the soil has been disturbed or moved (e.g. gardens), and this has resulted in Green Ants becoming a common pest in urban areas of Brisbane. They tend to nest in soil or under rocks, twigs or wood.

The Green Ant diet is broad ranging, but they generally feed on animal material both as scavengers and predators.  They generally forage during the day, moving quickly on the ground and among vegetation.  Unlike many ants, rain presents no problem to Green Ants, as long as it is only a light shower in continued sunshine. In overcast, cloudy conditions these ants return to their nests.

They are 5-7mm in size and their sting can be painful. An ice pack can help relieve the symptoms of the sting.

 Green Ant Treatments

A Green Ant Treatment involves a Sandgate Pest Control technician manually inspecting your entire yard, treating all individual nest sites.   Our green ant treatment is a big favourite of families with young children, as well as home owners who like to spend time in their yard without receiving painful bites.