Maggots are generally white and resemble a worm or a caterpillar. They are often considered the most disgusting of all household pests and this isn’t helped by the fact that they are usually found in groups of hundreds or thousands

Maggots are the young of an insect. Usually they are the young of a species of fly, however they can also be young beetles, moths or other common insects. They are generally found around rubbish or rotting meat, but can eat almost any organic matter including: pet food, bird seed, pet and human hair, cooked food or meat and compost.

Once they have found a food source, depending on the species they will feed for a few days to a week before they migrate away looking for a location suitable for their metamorphous into an adult.

Maggot Control

To control maggots, you must first identify and dispose of their food source. Treating the maggots with an insecticide will then kill them and once the area is clean, should stop any further problems. If more maggots are appearing, it will mean that not all of the food sources have been identified.