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What is a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection?

A pre-purchase pest inspection in a thorough inspection of all timber inside and outside of a home or building being purchased.  It is normally completed within a certain time period (commonly 7 – 14 days), and should be completed before a contract becomes unconditional.

A pre-purchase pest inspection identifies timber pests that are present in a structure or surrounding grounds (inside fence line, or up to 30m from the building).

An inspection will assess the following:

– Evidence of timber pests
– Severity of damage caused by timber pests
– Susceptibility of building to infestation by timber pests
– Remedial and protective measures required (including a quote for any recommended treatment)
– Further investigations required

Why is a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection so important?

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments most people ever make, so it is very important that you know exactly what you are buying.  A pre-purchase pest inspection will identify areas under timber pest attack and conditions conducive to timber pest attack, meaning you can make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed with the purchase.

What about my Building Inspection?

Here at Sandgate Pest Control we only complete pest inspections (because we are pest specialists), however we work with and can organise for a local builder to complete your building inspection.

If requested, we will organise for a licensed, experienced builder to complete a building inspection at the same time as our pest inspection.

What is the advantage of having separate Pest and Building Inspections?

By having separate Pest and Building Inspections completed you have two inspectors on site each inspecting the property for problems within their level of expertise.  A building inspector examines the property and comments on structural damage, conditions conducive to structural damage, as well as any defects in the condition of secondary and finishing elements to the property.

A pest inspector on the other hand examines the property and comments on timber pest damage.  Because Sandgate Pest Control pest technicians complete termite treatments on a very regular basis, we are able to supply a quote to complete any recommended treatments.  This means that prior to purchasing the property you will have a full understanding of the costs and process involved to eradicate and protect the home from timber pests.

How do I arrange my Pest and Building Inspection?

Here at Sandgate Pest Control we try to make buying your property as stress free as possible.  When you contact us to organise a Pest Inspection we are happy to organise the appointment for you.

– We can contact the real estate agent to organise an appointment
– If required, we can organise for a licensed building inspector to attend the property at the same time.
– We ensure everything on day runs smoothly and we will have the report out to you as promptly as possible (generally 1 – 2 business days)

Our experienced technicians are contactable after the inspection to answer any further questions you may have in regards to the results.

Should I attend the Pest and Building Inspection?

If at all possible we recommend that you attend the inspection.  This way, the techncian can show you what they find, and any questions you have about the property can be answered on the day.