Sandgate Pest Control recommend termite chemical barriers are installed to all homes in Brisbane.  A termite barrier works so effectively because it creates a chemical barrier around the entire perimeter of a home or building.  Because all entry points are protected, foraging termites looking for a new food source are unable to enter and are killed on contact.  Sandgate Pest Control are termite specialists and have installed hundreds of termite barriers to homes in Brisbane.

How is a termite barrier installed?

Because all homes are constructed differently, the exact requirements for each barrier can differ.  When on site a technician will explain exactly how we propose to install the barrier to your home.  However, as a general measure the following techniques are used by Sandgate Pest Control technicians:

Drilling and Injecting

CIA-26We drill through concrete or pavers and inject the chemical into the soil below.  After injection, the holes are then plugged with a matching coloured plug.  When complete these drill holes are neat and tidy, and blend into your concrete or pavers.  They are less obvious than you expect, and you will find that most people do not notice them.





Trenching and Flooding

Barrier - Josh trenching 1 200 x 300 Peter flooding on barrier 2 200 x 300We dig a trench in the soil areas, flood the trench with chemical, and then replace the soil, treating as we go.  If pavers are not cemented in place, we will lift the pavers to treat the soil beneath.  The pavers are then neatly replaced.






Camilleri Reticulation Piping

Barrier installing pipeWork is completed in the same manner as trenching and flooding, but we also install Camilleri Reticulation Piping into the trench before we replace the soil.  Camilleri Reticulation Piping is a plastic pipe that is perforated with small holes.  The benefit of using reticulation piping is that it makes replenishing the barrier in 5 – 10 years much cheaper (as the soil does not need to be trenched again – only the pipe needs to b re-pumped).  The image shows a sample piece of pipe.




What chemicals are used in a termite barrier?

A termite chemical barrier works so effectively because it creates a complete chemical barrier around the entire perimeter of the home. This means termites attempting to gain entry into the house will be killed by the chemical.

Three top of the range chemicals are used in barriers at Sandgate Pest Control.

Altriset Altriset Logo

This is a non repellant chemical, which means termites cannot detect the Altriset and will not avoid the treated area.  When termites come into contact with Altriset their jaws are paralysed within hours, meaning they are no longer able to damage your home.  These termites will then groom and interact with other termites, spreading Altriset to other members of the colony and nest.  Altriset is the only liquid termiticide that is exempt from poison scheduling by Australian regulatory authorities.  It is harmless to humans and has a very low toxicity to pets, birds, fish, earthworms, and bees.  For more information on Altriset open this brochure or visit their website www.altriset.com.au

BiflexEflex Logo

This a repellent chemical, which means the termites know it is there and hence avoid it. However if they do walk into the chemical it will kill them instantly.  FMC – the manufactuer for Biflex provide Eflex, a million dollar timber replacement warranty for termite barriers completed using Biflex.

Sandgate Pest Control were one of the first companies in Australia to complete the accreditation course – with Australasian Managing Director Ian Pegg attending to provide us with the important information! This accreditation means we are able to install your barrier, as well as apply for your warranty. For more information on Eflex please visit their website www.eflex.net.au

Termidor Termidor Logo

This is a non repellent chemical, which means termites cannot detect the Termidor and will not avoid the treated area.  As termites continue to forage through the soil they will encounter Termidor and pick up a lethal dose.  Due to the unique “Transfer Effect” these termites are now carriers and spread Termidor to all other termites they come into contact with.   This means an entire nest can be indirectly eradicated.  www.termidor.com.au

Do I get a warranty with my termite barrier?

Sandgate Pest Control supply a Free Service Period (which is similar to a warranty) on most barrier treatments.  Generally a five year service period is supplied.  This means that if for some reason termites enter your home, we will return to the property to treat the live termites and repair the barrier free of charge.  This free service period is subject to the completion of annual termite inspections.  Your annual inspection must be completed by Sandgate Pest Control.

NOTE: On your proposal your free service period will be listed as “Service Option One – Twelve Months”.  This means that from the date of installation we supply a twelve month free service period.  This can be extended for up to five years provided the homeowner continues with annual inspections by Sandgate Pest Control.

Some Biflex barriers may also be eligible for the Eflex 10 year $1 Million Timber Replacement Warranty.   This warranty is supplied by FMC (the manufacturers of the chemical Biflex), and is in addition to the five year free service period supplied by Sandgate Pest Control (i.e. you get two warranties).  Annual inspections and an annual fee do apply for the Eflex warranty.

Why do I need annual inspections?

Even though a barrier installed by Sandgate Pest Control is very effective, we still strongly recommend you continue with your annual inspections.  Unfortunately there are a number of factors that can cause a barrier to fail, by completing annual inspections a Sandgate Pest Control technician will be able to identify these factors before they allow termite entry.